Brighton Farm
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Training & Lessons

Lesson Program
Rates for lessons – 2011


Private lesson - $40 per half hour (hour lessons dependent upon school horse availability)


Lesson card - $360 for ten lessons



We have a lesson program at Brighton that emphasizes safety for both horse and rider.  Our students develop a solid base of riding skills before they are allowed to advance to the next level of their riding career.  It is for this reason that we require a minimum of one lesson per week.  Horseback riding of any discipline is impossible to practice on your own, unless you have your own horse, and, as a result, it is necessary to have a weekly riding session in order to gain ground and move forward.


All of our beginner students are started on a lunge line.  They learn balance, posting, riding position, starting, stopping, diagonals, and once all that is accomplished, steering.  Mounting, dismounting and handling of the horse is also taught at this stage.  Again safety is an issue and emphasized from day one.  The length of time a student stays on a lunge line is at the instructors’ discretion and dependent upon the student’s progress.


Once the rider has gotten off of the lunge line, steering and control of the horse around the ring is taught.  At this stage, if the rider is strong enough, some work without stirrups may occur.  Time in the saddle, walking, and trotting is most important to a rider at this level.  Diagonals are discussed and worked on.  Steering exercises will also be incorporated into the lessons.  Riders are given various exercises to strengthen their leg muscles and improve their balance.  Technicalities, such as hand placement and posture, are discussed and worked on.  When their leg strength and balance is strong enough, determined by their instructor, then they proceed to learn how to canter.  They will learn leads at this stage.


When a student is secure at the trot and at the canter, he/she can proceed to begin jumping.  The basics learned on the flat, now have to be started all over again over jumps.  To begin, the students work over poles on the ground to learn how to steer to the middle of their “jumps” and also work on their jumping position over the poles.  As they progress, and, again, their instructor makes the call as to when, they begin to jump over cross rails.  They learn their position, their pace and what they are responsible for in their partnership with their horse over fences.  They will learn to count strides and determine distance.  Eventually, they will begin cantering over fences.   Their pace through the program is very individualized, determined by their abilities, their own goals, their passion and their instructor.  We tend to be cautious on their advancement until they show solid steps to move forward.  Doing so creates confident, able RIDERS – not just PASSENGERS.  It takes a little longer, but in the end, it is all worth it!!!  We produce quality riders and are very proud of that!

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