Brighton Farm
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Our Philosophy

Our Training Philosophy

All horses are unique and can not be trained using identical methods. As a result, any horse that comes in for training to Brighton Farm gets evaluated from a historical training and medical viewpoint before we proceed. We see what has been done with the horse; we see that he/she is medically sound; and we discuss the horse’s ultimate job with its owner, in an effort to formulate an individualized training program. Proper training takes time and patience, for both horse and rider. We do not try to shortcut any training process to move a horse along too fast, or to provide a thrill to a rider. Our trainers have forty years of experience and can train, and in some cases, retrain, any horse or pony at any, or to any, level. All of our horses in training are given the same attention, whether the horse will be showing, or just schooling at home.

Our Lesson Philosophy

All riders are unique and can not be trained using identical methods. Sound familiar?  Yes, it’s the same as our training philosophy!  But, true! Each rider has different capabilities and different goals. Each rider needs to learn or proceed at their individual pace. Our riding program caters to the individual rider, while constantly stressing safety! We are interested and supportive in teaching riders, young and old, a solid set of basic riding skills which they can progress to any level from. We are not interested in giving them a one time thrill ride so they can proclaim that they ride horses.  Our students learn and can proceed to any goals they care to set, once they have mastered the basics. We think that , in an instant, on-demand world, patience is still a virtue. Those having patience will not only outride others, but be blessed with the ability to achieve greater goals than they ever imagined!

Our “Fun” Philosophy

Even though the hunter/jumper discipline is technical and competitive, we need to remember we have our horses for our fun!  We have sacrificed, at least, 238 lattes a month in order to support our passion, our four legged family member! We need to laugh and relax while spending time with our barn friends AND enjoy every moment with our horses. We have a very social group at Brighton, participating in horse shows, parties, bar-b-ques, and various other spontaneous events at the barn. We have a great time and often pursue happiness at a full gallop!!!! We welcome anyone and everyone who enjoys horse time to join us!


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