Brighton Farm
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Stable Rate Sheet



Monthly Boarding Costs


                    Full Service                  $825.00

                    Self Service                  $725.00


Full service board includes all components of self service, plus groom services for tacking and untacking your horse (inclusive of rinsing, bathing and facial clipping), cleaning of your bridle and saddle, and any medical treatments prescribed by veterinarians (i.e. wrapping, medicine applications and hand walking).  Includes clipping of nose, face, eyes and ears – does not include body clipping.  Body clipping is available for the additional charge of $125 - $175, depending upon the clip.


Self service board includes feeding 2 - 4 times a day (depending upon the horse), daily mucking of stall and rebedding, turnout, and routine supervision of your horse.  This includes any feeding of daily medication or supplements that are fed with normal meals.  Any additional services are available on an as need basis for a fee, as listed below:


Tack up service


 per time, no tack cleaning 
Saddle cleaning


 (could be more, depending upon condition)
Bridle cleaning


 (could be more, depending upon condition) 
Monthly Laundry Fee


 (saddle pads and polos for month - no 
Saddle Pad Washing    


Polo wraps - washing   


Lunging - 15 minutes


Indoor turn out/chase






 per day


Body Clipping    


 (depending upon the clip)
 Bathing - soap


Mane pulling/shortening


Medical treatments


 ***Depends upon type of treaments and
 how often


Emergency medicine - The barn maintains an inventory of emergency medicines that may be needed and used in accordance with veterinary instructions.  These are billed on an as used basis when necessary.


Supplement Bags/Daily Medicine Bags – We will place baggies or smart-paks out daily for grooms to feed free of charge.  The charge to prepare these bags on a monthly basis will be $15.00.  If you choose to prepare your own, we will notify you when you are running low.  No bulk containers of supplements/medicine are allowed in the aisles and we will not be providing storage space for any supplements/medicine we are not preparing.  If you prepare your own bags, the large containers are your responsibility.  If you purchase your supplements through smart-paks, the monthly charge from smart-pak will be shown on your monthly board bill.


Blanket/sheet repair and cleaning, tack repair - We have one service that pick up and drop off items on a weekly basis.  Billing of costs plus $2 per item handling charges are passed through on board bills accordingly.


Board bill late fees – Board is due on or by the 10th of the month.  Late fees of $15 per month will be added for late payment.  Board paid over a month late will be charged an additional monthly interest charge of 2% of the balance due inclusive of late payment charges.  In addition, there will also be a $25 service fee for returned checks.

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